Audit, Review, and Other Assurance services


Auditing refers to an objective examination and evaluation of a financial statements, processes, regulatory requirements or other related matters to ensure their compliance to the selected framework. An audit can apply to an entire organization or to a specific function, process or production step.

Whether you are fulfilling an obligation to a creditor, strengthening internal controls, confirming legal compliance, or deciding upon an IPO, MMH offers a variety of assurance services that are sure to fulfill your needs.

External Financial Statement Audit

External audit engagements are conducted to provide assurance to stakeholders such as banks; lenders; customers and potential investors that the financial position of the company is presented fairly in all material aspects, in accordance with the selected accounting framework.

Internal Audit

Internal Audits look past the financial statements and focus on processes; regulations; compliance etc. These engagements may verify the design and operating effectiveness of controls in place to support these processes and identify areas of concern and potential opportunities for improvement.


A review is a limited form of assurance whereby the reviewer provides negative assurance and reviews financial statements of an organization for plausibility, and investigates any irregularities that may come to light. It is typically performed for small organizations that may not require the complexity of an audit.

As a licensed firm, we carry exceptional qualifications, expertise, and experience required for the above assurance services and it would be our pleasure to meet with you to discuss your assurance requirements.

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