Corporate Accounting and Analytics

Corporate Accounting and Analytics

At MMH, we are here to support your business through a wide range of accounting and taxation services, including year-end financial statements, analytics, and annual corporate tax filings. Our team of professional staff is here to help you get the most out of your accounting.

We go beyond the tax filing – we look at breadth and depth to help you understand what the numbers really mean. We will work with you to not only get your tax filings in on time but we will also perform critical analysis to help you understand your business better.

Your business is like your life, with its ups and downs, and challenges and rewards. It goes through its journey from infancy to maturity, facing growing pains, milestones, and successes along the way. Throughout this journey, your accountant is an important ally. Your accountant understands business and provides useful advice and information to help you make the right decisions. This is why you need a good accountant. At MMH, we believe that we are those accountants and we are here to stand by you.

We can perform accounting for various types of businesses, including services, manufacturing, real estate professionals, brick and mortar retailers, online retailers, professionals (lawyers, dentists, medical doctors, etc.), and other businesses with complex multi-corporate structures.

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Accounting for Investments

A corporate investment portfolio involves complex accounting for matters such as trust income, tracking cost base, and transfers. Our expert staff can perform accounting for investments to yield accurate results and an optimal tax position. We will crunch the numbers, properly account for foreign exchange, and produce financial statements that are suitable for your information needs and corporate tax filings.


Accounting or Self-Employed Individuals

We recognize the many challenges that self-employed individuals face and we are here to make it easier. Through our accounting lens, you will see what really matters and get information relevant to your success. After all, information gives you knowledge, and knowledge is power.

If you are a self-employed individual, your time is your bread and butter and it is valuable. With dozens of tasks on your plate at any given time, you are constantly finding yourself behind on your books and worried about your tax liability. We work with individuals like you on a daily basis and we understand. Let us do the worrying, while you focus on your business. We will work closely with you and help keep your books up to date. We will pay close attention to your requirements in addressing your information and filing needs. With our proactive and efficient approach, you will get useful information and timely results.


Accounting for Professionals

We have experience servicing the accounting needs of various professionals, including lawyers, dentists, and medical doctors.

Professionals often approach us about advice when opening up a new practice and want our input on whether to purchase a building or to rent, and how to structure the business. We have seen and dealt with the unique issues involved with professionals who are running their own business. We can help you whether you are a sole practitioner, partnership, or professional corporation.


Accounting for Rental Properties

If you own a rental property or are considering buying one, come see us for a consultation. We can help you with your accounting and tax filings. We will maximize your tax deductions to minimize your tax liability. Our skilled team has professional training in optimizing your tax data to ensure you retain the most out of your bottom line.

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