Business Advisory

Business Advisory

We offer a wide range of business advisory services to help you with your business strategy and processes.

Whether you are starting a business, applying for financing, considering bringing in new investors, or changing your corporate structure; we can support you in providing information necessary to make a prudent and diligent decision. We offer a wide range of business advisory services outlined below.

General Services

Our range of general services include:
• Structuring of your corporation, including incorporation, dissolution, and amalgamation
• Support with financing applications
• Proforma and projection analysis
• Budgeting and forecasting
• Controllership services
• Customized financial analysis for various purposes
• General business advice and related analysis to aide with decision making and strategy
• More (inquire)

Process Automation & Improvement

As a business owner, you strive to innovate, create, and grow your business. However, we recognize that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges, and often there isn’t enough time to overcome these challenges and still give your business the time it needs.

We can help you with regular process assessment and improvement to ensure that your company is making effective and efficient use of its financial, capital and human resources. We can analyze your existing processes, automate and improve them as appropriate, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and help you meet your strategic goals

Specialized advisory

The decisions you make while running your business are only as good as the information they are based on. At MMH we pride ourselves on providing you with timely, relevant and accurate information – no matter the question. Through process, operational, compliance and VFM audits, we can ensure that your risks are managed, and any deficiencies are addressed before they become systemic issues. This in turn will allow you to make sound and informed decisions regarding the direction of your business.

Policies and procedures

As your business grows, so does the need to have a standard set of policies and procedures. Policies contain a set of rules and principles to regulate the behavior and conduct of your staff in order to effectively meet organizational objectives. Such policies may address numerous issues including bullying, harassment, internet use, health and safety, and social media.

Procedures, on the other hand, describe the steps that employees are to take when creating a product or delivering a service. It is important for your staff to understand the correct work process to ensure that the service or product maintains high quality.

A robust set of policies and procedures allow your business to:
• help employees know what is expected of them with respect to behavior and performance standards.
• have a layer of protection from breaches of employment legislation, such as equal opportunity laws.
• set rules and guidelines for routine decision-making so that employees can make autonomous decisions.
• adopt consistent and clear responses across the company to deal with common situations such as mistakes, complaints, and/or misunderstanding.
• treat employees fairly and impartially.
• set a framework for delegation of decision-making.
• have a means of communicating information to new employees.

Whether you are developing your first set of polices and procedures, need to update your existing library, or simply need to know how well your polices and procedure are being adhered to, we can help.

Our team has extensive experience in:
• creating policies and procedures that confirm to industry leading practices.
• analyzing existing policies to determine points of ambiguity and vulnerability.
• monitoring and reporting policy and procedure compliance.

Risk Management & Internal Controls

All business activities have an inherent element of risk, e.g. fx risk, creditor risk, legal risks, etc. Through our risk management services, we can help your business identify and prioritize these risks by assessing their likelihood and impact. Furthermore, we can assist you with in designing and implementing internal controls to manage and mitigate these risks to an acceptable level.

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